Roller shades

Looking for an economical, non-nonsense way to add style and color to a room?

Roller shades are a popular choice, offering basic functionality via spring-assisted or cord-based shades. For the spring-assisted varieties, you can adjust the height of the shade by simply pushing/pulling the bottom rail.


Roller shade lift systems are either stand or reverse roll.

Standard roll varieties have the fabric roll along the back of the shades, closer to the window. You get better light control, but you’ll be able to see the back of the fabric. This can be remedied by using a custom valance to conceal the fabric.

Reverse roll varieties will roll the fabric off the front of the shades, away from the window, decreasing light control.

Shades also come in a variety of fabrics (sheer, semi-sheer, opaque, and semi-opaque) and colors. For added convenience, there are cordless and motorized options available.

Let Custom Blinds & Shutters help you choose the appropriate shades for your home or office.

Why custom?

Custom roller shades are made to fit your window. You can choose small to extra large roller sizes, depending on the scale of your window.

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