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Custom Blinds

Blinds are a classic way to beautify your home.

Custom Shutters

Our beautiful shutters are available in both wood and vinyl. Ask about our plantation shutters!

Custom Shades

Available in a variety of styles, including cellular, motorized, and sheer.

Why plantation shutters?

There are several reasons to choose plantation shutters

Aside from just the look, there are plenty of reasons plantation shutters remain a top choice.

  • They are less expensive than custom drapery.
  • The maintenance and cleaning are minimal.
  • Shutters come in a variety of styles and louver sizes.
  • They can be painted or stained any color you prefer.
  • Shutters add value and comfort to your home and protect your furnishings and flooring from damaging UV rays.
  • They provide excellent light control and are very versatile.

Window treatments are one of the few things you buy for your home that are visible from both inside and outside. The choice you make will add curb appeal as well as create the interior style you desire.

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TIPS: How to clean blinds

How you clean a blind depends on the type of blind you have and what you are cleaning off.

Wood blinds

If it is a wood blind, you should never clean it with a water-based cleaner. The finish on a wood blind is the same as a piece of wood furniture. You can dust it with a Swiffer or the bristle attachment of your vacuum. If it is anything more than that then use what you normally use on your furniture, but use it lightly.

Faux wood blinds

If it is a faux wood blind you can dust it the same way as the wood blind, but you can use soapy water to clean. Faux wood blinds can yellow if they do not have a UV coating on the blinds. If they have yellowed, that means the material has dried out and can not be cleaned.

Metal blinds

If you have metal blinds, throw them away. Metal blinds actually heat your house up. When sun light hits metal it gets hot.

Need more tips on caring for your blinds? Contact us at Custom Blinds & Shutters for assistance.


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